Anonymous: how many followers do you have right now

i find these annoying but i don’t wanna seem all conceted by not honestly answering this ok um 29,820 yay???

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michaelftmcvey: Hahaha and yay!!!!

100% easier 

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michaelftmcvey: Oh well it's still pretty great

yes aside from me being fussy it tastes great 


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whoafucknarry: So at the show today I was walking around looking for your alpacas and I said something about them and my sister was like uh, how do you know anything about alpacas? and I was like it's all Lauren's fault ahaha. (and then I pet one and it had the softest head and it was beautiful and I took a photo with one haha)

no alex v bad don’t touch their head!!!! (if they’re not used to it they’ll spit at you) and yes they’re gorgeous and i wanna see this photo (im posting this as an informational tip to my followers about the head patting thing ok)

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michaelftmcvey: Lindt chocolate is literally the best oh my god

i once went to the lindt cafe and i only like milk chocolate i hate dark or white chocolate and i got waffles or something and they didn’t ask what kind i wanted and gave me dark chocolate and i took one bite and i got sick

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5seconds-0f-happiness: which Sydney show are you going to?

i forgot and had to check my tickets again oops um may 5 :) 

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many-little-fairys: How are you?

im good thankyou i cant decide if i should continue with my chocolate or go make 2 minute noodles 

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snxpbackhemmo: HAHAHAHHA "she's antisocial" omg i this i wet myself

usually she’s really flighty like if you walk past too fast and scare her she swims to the other side of the tank super fast and she’s always in the back corner under her heater but last week she was in the front corner for a few days and i tapped right in front of her on the tank and she didn’t flinch i was so proud of her coming out her shell

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Anonymous: what are you eating? :D

check out my last answer (you can ask me other stuff those were just little guide questions) update: i think im almost at the hollow bit

also i just remembered a funny story (not really funny) i was at the easter show the other day and i was watching the main arena event and they had ads on the big screen and they had one for something and afterwards i was like “i swear i’ve seen that girl before” and like a minute later i realised it was mali hahahaha

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spacemonkeys101: Hey what are you eating? :D

im eating a lindt bunny which is pretty much all i got for easter and i was so excited to eat it but because of my braces i can’t bite into it im still on the ears where its not hollow this is taking forever


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